The Legacy

Le Miami. A blessing from the past

Matrikunj yesterday, Le Miami today!

The project site where Le Miami is being developed, was known as “Matrikunj” (”Mother's Garden” in Sanskrit). It was originally a 20 acre land belonging to the Aurobindo Society for 6 decades before a part of it (8 acres) was entrusted to us in 2003. Matrikunj has been their research model of a self-sufficient, natural farm in those days. And now, Le Miami is rising on the same soil, sans any deforestation.

Le Miami is where the Aurobindo Ashram's flower garden was – A flower garden that grew not just real flowers, but nurtured the lovely Tail Grape, commonly known as “Manoranjithem” in tamil. The flower was one of the Holy Mother’s favourites. This garden used to be the place where eminent Ashramites meditated. Treasuring such a pedigree, we are retaining the spiritual ethos of this blissful locale, and will continue to do so. We believe, this is a great blessing and feel further more blessed to be able to share their blessings with you - the Le Miami resident, as well.

Inheriting the values of Matrikunj, we set our feet on this endeavor that shall evolve and enable close encounters for its occupants, with the elements and Mother Nature in their own, original forms.