About Le Miami

Le Miami. When you want to drink life an ounce a moment.

The only sound you hear is from the waves, as they awash the Kottakuppam shoreline, as if their frequency is auto-set. Fresh, unadulterated oxygen fills your lungs every time you inhale. Flora and fauna surround you and seep in a soothing calmness into your soul. You are left with only the sea. And the sun. And the air. And the sky. And the Earth. And a neighborhood just within your reach.

As you live in your cozy, contemporary villa at Le Miami, you feel you have indeed reclaimed the way of living that was lost over the years. A life that belonged to us but does not anymore.

That fulfillment is what Le Miami is. In the way it is conceived. In the way it is crafted.

Le Miami. The gateway to a life where you feel at home with the elements.